Our Whitworth Visionary for 2014 is Dr Ben Hughes CEng FIMechE. Ben had an early interest in building design. He has always known he wanted to invent new things or design things to work better.

Institute of Mechanical Engineers

Per capita, Dubai is one of the world's largest consumers of energy, largely for air conditioning. Small lightweight design developed by engineers could be applied to new structures.

CNN News

A traditional Arabic form of architecture could be a solution to the huge energy usage for air conditioning in hot countries, according to a UK-based academic.

Construction Weekly

The build-up of positive pressure inside the structure automatically creates negative pressure on the outside, which means that internal stale air is drawn away.

A top UK academic has said that the huge demand for air conditioning in hot countries could be eased through the use of ancient Arabic architecture.

Air Con UK

Temperature control and ventilation are closely linked, so providing proper ventilation and keeping people comfortable can have a significant knock-on effect on energy consumption from heating and air conditioning.

Institution of Physics