Combatting the Risk of Coronavirus Transmission in Indoor Public Areas

Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, has awarded Free Running Buildings £100,000 to join forces with work safety provider Moore Medtech in the development and manufacture of products using pioneering PROTECT technology.


PROTECT Technology

PROTECT is a flexible and safe FAR-UVC light fixture that can be installed in air handling units and overhead lighting to destroy COVID-19 found in exhaled microdroplets in indoor environments.

FAR-UVC has been shown to have the same highly effective germicidal properties of UV light, but without the associated human health risks. Its benefits include up to 1,000 times greater destruction than any other UV sources, greater ability to break the molecular bonds of all organisms, bactericidal effects and efficacy in destroying coronavirus whilst being safe for human use.

Speaking about the collaboration and use of the latest technologies, techniques and applications, Dr Ruby Hughes, Technical Director at Free Running Buildings explains:

It is well-known that heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems exacerbate airborne transmission of COVID-19, particularly with unplanned air currents moving smaller respiratory droplets. As experts in providing thermally comfortable indoor environments, we have been able to work with Moore MedTech to use safe FAR-UVC technology in an innovative light fixture to combat the risk of infection via airborne viruses indoors. Furthermore, we plan to utilise the company’s expertise in virtual simulation to validate the correct location and quantity for fitting FAR-UVC light units.

Free Running Buildings are excited to be collaborating with Moore Medtech to create an energy efficient, pathogen clean indoor environment and believe that this project could mark a major step in supporting public services and organisations to safely reopen the society and businesses in response to the COVID pandemic.

Sarah Champion, Labour MP for Rotherham, adds:

I am delighted that Free Running Buildings have been successful in obtaining funding from Innovate UK. Britain’s dynamic engineering and design sector will play a key part in the UK’s return to normality after an incredibly difficult year. I have been proud to see how businesses have stepped up to play their part in combatting Covid-19 and in supporting our recovery.

I am pleased that this innovative and crucial technology will be developed right in here in Rotherham and I wish Free Running Buildings every success.

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