FREEHEAT is a novel wind tower technology that provides passive building ventilation and heating cost effectively and with minimum energy demand.

Professionally tested and verified at BRE Groups’ building science centre, FREEHEAT is a multi-directional wind tower that optimises heat pipes achieving a heat recovery of 3.4°C leading to a 20% cut in energy usage.

  • Reduces the need for air conditioning, lowering costs and carbon emissions
  • Improves building energy ratings and targets
  • Improves indoor air quality minimising the transmission of airborne infections and preventing the sick building syndrome (SBS)
  • Produces no background noise
  • Works alongside other heating and cooling systems to ensure sufficient ventilation for all seasons and conditions
  • Has no moving parts, resulting in minimal maintenance requirements
  • Is easy to install

Whether you are new to passive ventilation or looking to upgrade your existing system, Free Running Buildings is here to help.



Access our live data charts to discover how Freeheat is currently performing and driving down energy usage at our demonstration centre in Sheffield, UK.

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Prices start from £3,500 + VAT. Please contact us for more information.