Our engineers use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to replicate, understand and interpret fluid flow phenomena for complex performance-based designs.

Our CFD expertise and specialist knowledge includes:

  • Wind microclimate studies in complex building developments, assessing the impact of buildings on wind comfort at pedestrian and terrace levels (figure 1)
  • Solar radiation studies in surfaces of the built environment, calculating radiation effects from the sun’s rays and understanding solar loading
  • Pollution dispersion in geometrically complex buildings, estimating wind borne pollution (figure 2)
  • Retrofit and optimisation studies, providing optimum design solutions during the decision making process
  • Mechanical and natural ventilation studies, assessing the performance of ventilation systems and proposing improvements or upgrades based on the building needs


natural ventilation systems

Figure 1: Pedestrian wind comfort assessment


natural ventilation systems

Figure 2: Pollution dispersion studies