Founding Directors

Ben Hughes
Managing Director

Ben is the founder of Free Running Buildings and a mechanical engineer with over 20 years’ experience in both academia and industry, working at some of the biggest companies and best universities in the UK. Ben provides expertise nationally and internationally to both the public and private sector through research and consultancy agreements. He is experienced in computational modelling, laboratory scale experimentation and full scale testing of innovative products. Ben uses his expertise to drive down energy consumption throughout the built environment.

John Calautit
Design Director

John has designed, built and tested innovative passive cooling technologies, taking his work from desktop design through laboratory scale testing and on to full-scale installation. John has extensive expertise in design and simulation modelling of new and existing buildings both in public and private sector. He has developed passive cooling technologies for the Middle East market and continues to develop thermal comfort strategies for large infrastructure providers in the region.

Dominic O’Connor
Research and Development Director

Dom has managed and secured a number of Free Running Buildings’ research projects, from early concept to late-stage development with a number of funding bodies. With a background in civil, structural and mechanical engineering, Dom has a number of skills in low energy building and technology design, utilising a number of software packages to achieve this. Dom leads the research and development activities of Free Running Buildings, exploring novel technologies and their potential application to reduce energy demand.


Ruby Hughes
Technical Director
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Ruby leads the technical direction of Free Running Buildings and provides decision making and planning support to the R&D team. Ruby has worked with some of the largest engineering companies in the world, delivering successful projects related to energy demand reduction through machine learning and discrete event simulation.

Rob Evans
Commercial Director
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Rob has over 15 years’ experience in IP management, commercialisation and contract management. Rob has a strong track record for working with and commercialising intellectual property, having successfully worked alongside 8 spin-out companies and securing 40 licensing agreements. Rob’s role is to understand the value of technology developed within the company and how this can be protected and commercialised.

Kaiser Calautit
Logistics and Supply Chain Director
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Kaiser has over 30 years experience in the manufacturing industry in the gulf states of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Dubai, UAE. Kaiser held key positions in procurement, warehousing & inventory control and logistics. Currently based in Dubai working as the supply chain manager and involved in design, manufacture and procurement of the free running buildings product portfolio. Kaiser is a holder of a Bachelors degree in Management & Industrial Engineering from Mapua Institute of Technology, Manila, Philippines.

Victoria Mawson
Research and Development Engineer
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Victoria is currently focussed on developing machine learning algorithms that can be coupled with building energy and manufacturing production simulations to reduce total energy demand and improve workflow.

Sheen Mclean S. Cabaneros
Research and Development Engineer
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Sheen is developing an advanced neural network that can be applied to prediction modelling for atmospheric conditions, particularly interested in urban and suburban pollution monitoring for adverse health effects and early systems warning.

Saeed Mohammed Wazed
Research and Development Engineer
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Saeed is using Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to redesign and develop technologies that can be used in developing countries to access ground source water for irrigation purposes, using solar radiation without commonly used and expensive solar photovoltaics.

Jenny Hand
Business Manager
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Jenny provides business management support to Free Running Buildings, making sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Lindsey Telfer
Support Administrator
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Lindsey supports Free Running Buildings by managing and dealing with the daily business administration required to keep everything working.