The UK faces an unprecedented challenge in providing the required heating demand to buildings for thermal comfort, whilst maintaining low costs to consumers and reducing carbon emissions.

In collaboration with some of the UK’s leading universities, Free Running Buildings successfully developed and finalised the design for the manufacture of FREEHEAT, a zero-energy passive ventilation system with active heat recovery technology.

FREEHEAT, the UK’s first flat-pack ventilation system:

  • Increases the temperature of incoming air by 3 – 5°C with no power requirements
  • Provides building occupants with a cost effective solution
  • Retrofits to existing ventilation terminals
  • Lowers the demand placed on building heating systems
  • Supplies fresh, clean and warm air
  • Removes potentially harmful indoor and airborne pollutants

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Heat recovery bank in-situ for air flow measurements

Heat recovery bank in-situ for air flow measurements

Full-scale experimental mock-up

Full-scale experimental mock-up

External louvre profile

External louvre profile

Heat recovery arrangement

Heat recovery arrangement

Grant Value

£ 430,225

Funded Period

July 2018 - February 2021



Project Status


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Lead Participant

Free Running Buildings Ltd

Project Partners

University of Sheffield I University of Strathclyde I University of Hull

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